Ghouls are Undead.These swarming monsters appear to be the Zombie cannon fodder of Diablo III.

They are blue-skinned undead who spawn in great numbers, are quite fleet of foot and quick of movement, but are fairly weak and easy to kill. Ghouls can be seen climbing up the walls and swarming the Barbarian in the beginning of the WWI 2008 gameplay movie.

They die almost as fast as they race to battle (which is rather quickly). Ghouls are an undead monster, but are nothing like slow shambling zombies; the ghouls are fast and uncanny, running hunched over in a bestial, almost quadrupedal style. They climb quickly and leap out at the player from all angles, scaling a huge wall to get into the action in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie. While ghouls often fight empty handed, some have been seen wielding swords.


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