Deckard Cain Concept Art

Deckard Cain first appears as "Cain the Elder" in Tristram in Diablo, where he is known as a storyteller and can identify items for the player. Towards the end of the game, he presents himself as Deckard Cain, the "last of the Horadrim", and gives vital information about the final trials awaiting the hero/heroine. It is revealed in Cain's Journal that he is in fact not the "last of the Horadrim", but imagined himself as one of them in his youth when told of the Horadrim's deeds by his mother.

Cain is also the only character known to have survived when Tristram was destroyed by demons, as they decide to put him in a gibbet instead of tearing him limb from limb like the other former citizens of Tristram (possibly under orders from the three Brothers to keep him alive). In the first act of Diablo II, the player is eventually required to travel to Tristram and free Cain. After this, he appears in the Rogue encampment and subsequently continues to follow the player character, staying in town in each area, dispensing advice and identifying items for free as a token of gratitude. It is also possible to fail to rescue Cain before the end of Act I, though the quest is presented as obligatory by the other NPCs. In this case, he will be rescued by the Rogues and only identify items for a fee. "Stay a while, and listen!" is a typical greeting Cain gives to the player; this is made fun of in Diablo III when the player character interrupts him and demands he talk plainly. Deckard Cain returns in Diablo III. He tells the events of Diablo and Diablo II in an abbreviated form, while telling most if not all of the important points. Cain is voiced by Michael Gough.

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