Moving to WikiaEdit

Along with its sister site, PvXwiki, the Diablo3 wiki will shortly be moving to Wikia. You can see Gcardinal's message about this on the PvXwiki

Why Wikia? Wikia hosts most of the largest public wikis (except for Wikipedia of course) so they have got the experience the D3Wiki will need as it grows to make sure it stays online and can grow without limits. Wikia has been running for more than 4 years and is a stable company that D3Wiki can rely on long into the future.

Will my user account change?Edit

This wiki's user database will be merged with Wikia, giving you the advantage of single login to 12000 wikis! Generally, active users will not experience any change to their account. For 1% of users, there is a name clash with someone else using Wikia. These users will be renamed DIABLO3-OldName. For example, Joe might get renamed DIABLO3-Joe.

Will the site content or policies change?Edit

Wikia will not be making any changes to these. As always, decisions about content and policy are in the hands of the community.

Will D3Wiki merge with diablo.wikia.comEdit

There are no plans for this to happen immediately. If this is something that both communities want, then Wikia can help with this.

Will the skin change?Edit

The default skin for unregistered users will be Monaco. All registered users are welcome to select any skin in their preferences, including D3Wiki's old monobook skin. The default colour of the skin for unregistered users can be changed by any admin in their preferences and changes can be made to the CSS in the normal way via MediaWiki:Monaco.css.

Will the URL change?Edit

The main URL for the wiki will be Wikia will endeavor to maintain as a redirect.

Will we get any new features?Edit

Wikia has dozens of extensions, some of which are enabled automatically, and many more than can be turned on on request. For example, Wikia has extensions that make it easier to add images or embed videos, as well as lots of anti-spam tools and emergency anti-vandalism tools to negate the effects that malicious users might have on the site.

Will there be advertisingEdit

Advertising will be added to support the costs of the wiki. Registered users at Wikia currently see ads only on the main page, if they're using the default skin.

What about MediaWiki upgrades?Edit

Wikia stays up to date with the latest stable release of MediaWiki, so upgrades are regularly done, and in a way that does not affect the wiki. You should not experience any downtime as the result of an upgrade.

Who can I questions about this?Edit

If you would like to ask Wikia's staff any questions about this move, please contact KyleH.

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