There are many ways that you can help the Diablo3Wiki community! This page is for new users so that they can understand what needs to be done and how they can help improve the wiki.

If you need immediate high level help, consider contacting one of the administrators (by leaving a comment on their talk page).

Welcome to Diablo3 Wiki!Edit

Welcome to Diablo3 Wiki, the wiki for all your Diablo 3 information. The aim of this site is to comprehensively document everything in Diablo 3, both the details of playing the game and the contents and inhabitants of the world. Not only this but we aim to do so in a professional manner, providing pleasant, standardized formats for each type of page.

New articlesEdit

Something important is missing on the wiki? Create a new article about it! Don't be shy about putting new stuff up, even if it is not perfect, others will see and further improve the article. If you want to learn more about the standards we're defining for formatting the site have a look at D3Wiki:Style and formatting.

Create an accountEdit

Before you dive into making changes to the site, consider Creating an account. This will add you to the user list which means you get credit for every contribution that you make. If you don't create an account then you can still edit and create new pages, but you will be identified by your IP address.

Learn the wikicodeEdit

Wikis use code that is different (and much easier) than normal HTML. Check out this page to see how the wikicode works.

The TasklistEdit

See the Task List for a list of current GuildWiki tasks to help with (or add to).

Wanted pagesEdit

See the wanted pages for a list of linked-to-but-not-yet-written pages (ordered from most-linked-to to least linked).

Filling out stubs Edit

A good way to get started at Diablo 3 Wiki is filling out some stubs. Stubs are articles that don't yet have enough information. Most stubs are grouped into a subcategory, such as Class-Stubs or World-Stubs. To view the complete list have a look at the Stubs Master Category.

Contribute to research Edit

The Research needed category lists issues that need in-game research.

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