A Barbarian

The Barbarian is the first of four confirmed classes in Diablo III. It is a continuation of the Diablo II Barbarian class with a slightly changed look and revamped skill tree. The male Barbarian is reportedly the same Barbarian featured in Diablo II, now depicted as an aging man with a white beard and graying locks, yet with the same musculature as before.

In addition to the male Barbarian, a female version of the character is now available. She is depicted as a muscular woman with striking red-orange hair. The backstory of the female character is yet to be revealed..

Gameplay footage released by Blizzard has extensively featured the male Barbarian.


I came to see firsthand the barbarians, those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat. Instead, I stand here looking at a mountain that has been torn asunder by some extraordinary force. The sight, I must confess, is incomprehensible. Yet what I see before me cannot be denied.


Juggernaut Battle master Beserker
Bash Battle Rage Frenzy
Cleave Perseverance Threatening Shout
Ground Stomp Power of the Battlemaster Onslaught
Focused Strength Iron Skin Double Strike
Stubborn Hammer of the Ancients Strong Constitution
Recovery Battle Cry Berserker State
Taunt Scavenge Leap Attack
Stunning Blows Critical Attacks Enrage
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization Shield Specialization Dual Wield Specialization
Invigorated Furious Charge Savage
Seismic Slam Ignore Pain Deliberate Defense
Revenge Improved Battle Rage Speed Boost
Iron Will Death Proof Whirlwind
Crushing Blows Inspiring Presence Slashing Strike
Seismic Effect Natural Resistance Relentless Attacks
Mighty Hammer Destroy Armor

Concept ArtEdit

Some concept art of the Barbarian class can be seen below.


Barbarian male concept art


Barbarian female concept art


Barbarian - Diablo 3 Class